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Industry leader in electric motor form coil manufacturers.

Customers have trusted us for over 30 years to supply them with quality coils manufacturing with our impressive, quick turnaround. We have been a valued partner with many of our Clients earning us the tag, “Coiltec, the Hottest Thing in the Industry.”



From stator coils (6900 volts and below) to DC armature coils, field coils and even specialty coils; Our turnaround is hard to beat. Aided by tremendous wire inventories in the area allows us to ship most standard sets of coils 36-hours from receipt. (24-hour or same day expedited services are also available!)

Our central US located plant make shipping logistics to all major cities a breeze. Pricing is very competitive and there is never a cost for quotations. All coils come with a 1 year warranty from defects in workmanship and materials. Learn more about Coiltec, and allow us to bid on your next project.

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